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Boise Fire - Smoke Damage - Odor - Repairs and Restoration

At REE-Construction/First General Idaho, we want to earn a place as your trusted adviser in matters dealing with this property damage situation and to make you comfortable recommending us to your friends and family if they should need an advocate.

From a performance standpoint we believe that we can satisfy or exceed our client’s expectations by focusing on four restoration principles: quick, competent, appropriate and complete service.

Our experience tells us that damage restoration involves more than just putting property back together. There are judgements to be made as to best methods to achieve a return to normal and those decisions aren’t always black and white economic decisions. They involve families, memories, emotions and a myriad of other considerations unique to almost every project.

Quick, Competent, Appropriate and Complete Service

We want to provide Quick service. We want to do what we can to move through the process without any undue delays. This doesn’t mean we want to be hasty. Where our experience, training and understanding of the process allow an opportunity to return your property to a pre-loss condition sooner rather than later; we want to take advantage of those opportunity.

Competence is critical. The fact is no-one person or company can have the skill set to address every type of restoration challenge that is presented after a water, fire or other property damage emergency. We stress to our team to not “try” to restore something or be afraid to admit they are not truly competent to execute a particular task. We have worked for over 33 years to develop relationships with skilled subcontractors and to network with other specialists with a wide variety of skills.

In our company we know that the Appropriate effort we might make to preserve and restore an item in one circumstance would be completely inappropriate for might seem like a very similar item in the next circumstance, because of not only true economic value but also intangible considerations. Our staff is encouraged to use their heads to adjust to the situation rather than do things just because “that’s the way we always do it.”

And of course, the job must be Complete. We heard our clients tell us again and again about the time they had someone else hired to do a project for them and how the project was never really finished because the contractor moved on before that last piece of base of the touch up paint in the bathroom was finished. The devil is always in the details and no job is done until that last detail is addressed.

We have made an effort to internalize these four foundations of service in our company culture and consistently remind our selves to be Quick, Competent, Appropriate and Complete to provide the level of service that gives our clients confidence to refer us to their friends and family.

Fire Damage Restoration You Can Trust

Total Fire Damage Restoration - We put things right!


  • Extensive cleanup of burned structure and property

  • Complete cleanup of soot and debris left by fire

  • Tearing out damaged materials

  • Replacing walls and flooring

  • Fix damage caused by firefighting methods (water, foam, firefighting chemicals)

  • Replacing structural framing, flooring, walls and ceiling

  • Water damage restoration to avoid mold and mildew

  • Complete reconstruction and rebuild

  • Content pack out

  • Odor removal from smoke damage


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