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Fire Damage Boise - Restoration and Repair. REE-Construction/First General Idaho provides comprehensive fire damage and smoke odor removal or restoration throughout the southern Idaho area.

Whether it is a total loss fire damage situation or a kitchen fire on Thanksgiving Day - you can trust us to "put things right!"

250 S Cole RoadBoise,Idaho83709

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Fire damage, smoke damage, restoration, repairs, fire board-up, windows board-up and security, smoke odor removal, fire damaged contents restoration, and more...

Fire Damage Restoration You Can Trust

Total Fire Damage Restoration - We put things right!


  • Extensive cleanup of burned structure and property

  • Complete cleanup of soot and debris left by fire

  • Tearing out damaged materials

  • Replacing walls and flooring

  • Fix damage caused by firefighting methods (water, foam, firefighting chemicals)

  • Replacing structural framing, flooring, walls and ceiling

  • Water damage restoration to avoid mold and mildew

  • Complete reconstruction and rebuild

  • Content pack out

  • Odor removal from smoke damage


REE-Construction/First General Idaho
What our customers say
O.C.R. in Kimberly, ID
We are a residential care facility, and the whole time they were doing work it affected about 50 of our patients and they worked hard...

Dennis W. in Sun Valley, ID
The response time was phenomenal. I appreciated their backgrounds. I had to stay in touch with them to see the process through, but...

From a customer in Hagerman, ID

Area Of Satisfaction
I was most satisfied with the quality of work done by REE-Construction. Everything looks awesome. You cannot tell that there was ever any damage.

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REE-Construction/First General Idaho
What our customers say
Chyvonne T. in Boise, ID
The people were friendly, but the work was sub par and very unorganized.

Pam H. in Faribanks, AK
Our experience with this company was less than satisfactory. Promises were made that were not kept. The worst problem was communication. At times the foreman...

Zysett B. in Jerome, ID
All of them were very, very nice. I am disabled and they took that into consideration and helped me with that, as far as making...

View all feedback from REE-Construction/First General Idaho

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